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In March 2014, we set up Xinglan studio to provide graphic design, website construction, website promotion and other online services for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in Taobao service market (National customers, unlimited regions).

In October 2014, we became one of the top ten domain name registrars in China, )He Na net( )The studio has added the following online businesses:

Domain name registration, virtual host, website authentication, enterprise post office, etc.

In April 2015, we registered Henan Yanshan Network Technology Co., Ltd. and established a marketing department based on the online business of Xinglan studio, focusing on offline promotion in Zhengzhou and Pingdingshan.

We have provided a variety of online services for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Not for the purpose of transaction!

We carefully listen to the demands of customers, according to the actual situation of customers, help customers analyze the problems needing attention in website construction, operation and promotion, and propose better solutions for customers from a professional point of view. Most of the time, according to our suggestions, customers adjust the preliminary plan (generally not exceeding the customer budget), and finally achieve the final goal of the customer with the actual cost.

We are facing more and more fierce market competition year by year. Every year, more and more people join the industry, and many people will be eliminated from the industry every year.

For example: the same as a website, different service providers give different prices. For an enterprise website, some service providers will do it for customers with 200 yuan of free space domain name, while some service providers will only be willing to do it after charging more than 3000 yuan.

The website of 200 yuan is better than 3000 yuan? There are two kinds of analysis below.

Cutomers may choose the website with a cost of 200 yuan

The website that can be done with 200 yuan is the template that the service provider can spend a few yuan, but it can meet the needs of customers, and the construction cycle is also very short. If customers master a certain website foundation, they can quickly learn to apply the website background. Then, customers will tend to spend only 200 yuan to build a website.

The disadvantages are: the low-cost website does not support web self-adaptive, does not support after-sales service, and the template has been used by many people, which is not conducive to website optimization and website ranking.